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Who we are

PT. Monggo Mulyo Utama was established as a registered manufacturing company in Indonesia starting in 2009. PT. Monggo Mulyo Utama or later better known as M2U market is engaged in the business of trading, services and development. The company has products such as Carbon Fiber Roof Sheet, Fiber Reinforced Polyester, Prefabricated House, Grating, and Fireproof Coating.

PT. Monggo Mulyo Utama (M2U) is committed to being the best and specialist in the our products.

Given the development of development in the area from year to year is increasing. Likewise, the development of facilities and infrastructure development carried out by the government and the private sector. So we, PT. Monggo Mulyo Utama (M2U) from 2009 participated in physical development and other procurement that we could complete on time. The existence of PT. Monggo Mulyo Utama (M2U) is supported by professional workers who are experts in their respective fields and have experience.

In accordance with our vision, which is always to provide the best service for customers and business partners, and will provide the best capabilities in every job with professionals. The commitment of PT. Monggo Mulyo Utama (M2U) to respond to the work that has been entrusted can not be separated from the role of members in planning, implementing and controlling with various effective and efficient management and methods, paying attention to K3 standards (Occupational Health Safety) and work environment.

PT. Monggo Mulyo Utama (M2U) is a national-scale private company that has a long history and experience in the field of trade, services and development. The company has been doing business since it was founded in 2009. The company was founded in Surabaya on September 28, 2009 based on Deed No. data. 57 in Notary Apriliana Dwi Yuwono, S.H., M. Kn. with the Decree of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia dated February 27, 2009 Number AHU – 134. AH. 02.01.2009.

The Company’s domicile is in Ruko Surya Inti Permata E36-37, Jalan Jemur Andayani 50 Surabaya, East Java. Based on this decision, the company was designated as a Limited Liability Company, which is to become PT. Monggo Mulyo Utama (M2U). In accordance with its deed of establishment, the Company is engaged in trading, services and development. The line of business handled by the Company is the Company’s competence and is supported by a Management Team that has experience, competence, and dedication in that field.


Carbon Fiber Roof Sheet

Fiber Reinforce Polyester

Prefabricated House


Fireproof Coating

Our Vision
We Mad PT Monggo Mulya Utama (M2U) as a developed and developing company in the business of trading, services and development.

Our Mission
Provide and maintain a commitment to grow and progress together by prioritizing optimal quality and service to partners, clients, and business partners.